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About Us

Our Story

As an Afro Latina, Liz was born a curly girl, but never learning how to manage those curls caused years damage and a lack of confidence in her natural hair. In 2015, after realizing how much she loves her daughter's curls, she decided to embrace hers.


While working with chemo patients in 2017, Liz realized how harsh chemicals affect one’s hair and how important hair can be for people and their identity, especially those of Black and Brown women. Having just graduated with a degree biology the year before, she knew nature had better options. So, she put her degree to work and researched plant derived ingredients to create a product for Curly Hair that’s safe and clean for all ages.


Liz began testing her formulas on family and being Puerto Rican meant her family comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes… and that’s just talking about their hair! So, for the next year she tested out her products on relatives who had different curl types, until she came up with her final formulation that worked for each type of curl. Within a year of testing, she developed and launched her business and brand, Locks of Liz Haircare, which strives to build Curly Hair acceptance, positivity, and confidence while providing safe, clean hair care. At Locks of Liz, we just want people to live their best locks!


Mission Statement  

Locks of Liz Haircare will help you Live Your Best Locks by delivering natural, plant-based hair products, novel tools, and accessories which help style, maintain, and enhance all curl types. We aim to ease your daily routines and increase your confidence so you can shine bright from the inside out!



Who is Liz?

Liz grew up an Afro-Latina who wasn't taught to care for her big, beautiful curls. Instead she was shown how to relax it with chemicals, blow dry it out, and all other options that would make it considered "good hair"; because to everyone around her, her hair was "pelo malo" (bad hair). It wasn't until she had her daughter that she fell in-love with their big hair and decided she should teach her daughter to love it as well.

With a degree in biology and 15+ years of experience as a medical professional, Liz was bound to use her knowledge to help others. Her work in cancer care (Oncology) was hard but served her well. She grew to understood the ravaging effect that chemicals can have on a person’s hair, and, as a result, their self-esteem. Therefore, she chose to research only natural ingredients from around the world, which led her to many plant extracts and essential oils that have been proven to aid in haircare. From that research and knowledge was born, Locks of Liz Haircare.